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I love and admire everything I fave, and even ones I don't have time to fave. But the ones here are even more special to me for one reason or another. You're all so very talented!

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I don't know why but I've always loved benches and swings.

I'm thinking about leaving.

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 22, 2016, 5:17 AM
Hey there.  How you all doing today?  (I'm deleting the Happy Easter part now that it has come and gone, but am leaving the rest as is, for anyone who needs to know.)  :)

I've been thinking about ending my RainySkyz account for a year now.  Haven't been able to decide, because once it's ended, there is no going back.  I've had it since 2009. And enjoyed it tremendously. I've met a lot of very nice people who have stuck by me through the good and bad times, as I have tried to do for them.  All of deviantART's people have been very inspirational for me.  Even when I've not been contributing, I've still been observing and learning and improving and watching everyone else learn and improve.  I have such a profound understanding of art now, something I did not have before joining DA.  I've studied many of you, asked many questions, received helpful advice, including what Terry/Terrence has given me as well.

But I don't like it that I've become so public, so personal, instead of keeping it only about art.  That part is difficult for me because I'm very honest and spontaneous and often wish to help someone if they are in trouble, or ask for advice if I'm going through a bad month myself.  I mean, that is the good thing about DA.  You can make your page your own, and say whatever you want; including doing likewise on everyone else's page if they allow it.  It's a wonderful thing.  But, sometimes I feel uncomfortable having so much of this always public, no way to turn it off or remove it, because it spans 7 years.  I'm not the same person as I was.  Hopefully I am better, wiser, more healed.   Hopefully my being here has done the same for others, too.

The other thing is... I'm into my music again.  Composing. Actually composing. Digitally.  I've been studying and acquiring new skills and really enjoying the whole events, minus the times I can't own or comprehend what is required.  I've always said that music comes first in my life when concerning hobbies and ambition.  But I don't have enough time, wellness, energy, and emotions to focus on music, art, lit, crafts, photography, psychology, general studies, Terry, family, friends, sleeping, cycling, cooking, cleaning, doctor appointments, and everything else.  I am getting up in age where each day is precious. There aren't as many functional years remaining.  I feel pressured to pick and choose what is dearest to my heart, and stay there, rather than so easily be pulled from one thing to the other, because of a very curious and intellectual mind.  Always wanting to learn something new, try something new (if it's healthy and useful in some way).  Discipline has not been my best trait.  I'm reliable and responsible for others, just not as much for my own interests.  :D  Maybe you can identify?

So I'm thinking about ending RainySkyz even though I love the name and account, the friends and watchers I've made, and the comfort of knowing my way around, as well as being able to post whatever 'deviant' I am in the mood to submit. 

But...  it nags me... the wanting/needing to leave... and yet... the fear I might regret it and forever miss RainySkyz... a very kind, amusing, and happy alterego for sure.  :)

However, rather than just ending it today and leaving you in the lurch, wondering... you who care and have grown accustomed to visiting my page... I wanted to preface my thoughts and intentions, if indeed I have the courage to pull the plug.

Having read all of the above (assuming you did?) (thank you!) what do you suggest?  Can you give me reasons for leaving, reasons for staying, reasons for waiting, reasons for ending it now?  Have you ever done it?  And how well did you deal with the aftermath of no longer having the name and account and friends and followers?  I sincerely would like your input.  It might help me decide one way or other, and much sooner.

Meanwhile it's been raining in drought-ridden California all winter and even at the start of a new spring.  I am feeling so much better for it, because a 5th year of drought just was not doable to any of us, and I feared.  As is, California has a lot to recover.  Such as, our aquifers which bottled water companies have been purloining, and oil fracking has polluted; agriculture, landscaping, hills, and forests which fires have wreaked havoc; to name a few.  We're still asked to ration our water until a few more years of good rain... better yet, to continue, since one cannot assume water (or any vital) is an unlimited supply.

And now that I've babbled too long, I will end here... wishing you a Happy Day (Week, Month, Year, Life)... and go back to my music.  If DA offered easier options for sharing one's music, I'd have more reason to remain.  But probably under another name.  One used only for my work (keeping anything private, elsewhere or behind the scenes.)

Take good care of yourselves.


  • Listening to: my own music
  • Eating: tomato/cheese pasta
  • Drinking: Twining's English Breakfast tea



Artist | Literature
United States

Female, age 68, in a relationship. California born and raised. I've one son who is my good friend. Teaching myself to draw traditionally and mix it with digital. Plans to teach myself traditional water color. I compose music via Alesis and my favorite DAW. I've poetry, novels, and story ideas somewhere between my ears. There's always so much I want to do, but you know how that can go. Meanwhile fwiw: I'm very forthright, truthful and comfortable speaking my mind, which is how I believe we all should be...otherwise why bother to speak to anyone, or even to yourself?


Favorite Colors?
Medium to Light Blues,
Purples in all Hues,
Soft Sunny Yellows,
Everything Greens,
and All In Betweens.
~~©Claudia 2010

"It's not how piercing the comebacks,
but how meaningful the argument." ツ
~~©Claudia 2011

"If the light be truth, I always choose the light.
If the dark be illusion in which to hide,
I choose to illuminate.
If in between I fall and must again choose,
I hope always to use the dark as the direction from which I depart,
and not arrive."
~~©Claudia 11/2011

This LifeThis life is not . . .
 who you are, how you look,
 what you get, or how you deal
It's about . . .
 who you met, what you said,
 how you gave, and what you feel.

~~©Claudia 1/5/15

I'd lost this collaboration and refound.
J-vdb made my poem even more beautiful.
Take this heart by j-vdb
~~J-vdb and Claudia 7/13/2011

Letters . . .raw thought
pieced together
my heart
without interpretation
Poetry, ah!, poetry
images in mind
I can neither see nor find
I only feel
and back to music reel
Then to a thought
Soon to another
and so I write
Letters . . .

~~©Claudia 1992/2001

Just A MessageI say,
make friends with yourself,
be at ease with yourself,
as the old adage "Wherever you go, there you are"...
You cannot leave yourself behind,
nor should you even try.
Let it go with you everywhere,
as both shadow and leader...
Learn, grow, make friends, and be at peace
with the one you first met
and will last hear with your last breath,
the person you know best...
an individual unlike anyone else
at any time.

~~©Claudia 3/10/2011

dA LamentOver three years ago
in warm little cubbyholes
we convened here at dA
happy children at play
behind avatars, emotes, plz's
icons, flirts and teases
A fantasy land where each
could share his or her dreams
amateur, professional alike
site open day and night
at least one party a brew
even if between just a few
Some chatted in rooms safe
others took it face to face
lonely nights were held at bay
boring days faded away
None of us were quite the same
once we passed this way
filling the empty holes
in our hungry souls
Happiest time in my life
at the moment I want to cry
Where has it all gone?
it's too quiet now
Cubbyholes filled with light
have dimmed from my sight
Oh how I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss...
*blows dA a silent heart-shaped kiss*

~~©Claudia 12/20/2014

Thank You by KmyGraphic for your time, comments, faves, watches, everything. I'm pleased you stopped by. :) Sorry if I can't always reply. And, btw, I fave you not because you faved me. I fave because I love your work. Please don't feel a need to return the favor unless you sincerely do like my work. That way we know it is our work that is being appreciated and not just loyalty. TY.


:iconkleanthis: :iconcoffee-ok: :iconzoudoul: :iconthelunarwriter: :iconjs-nietoperz:


:iconunseen-writers: :iconthe-art-universe: :iconbeginners-united: :iconenterthespectrum:


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